Friday, 5 November 2010

Bail & Switch

Just seen the Watchdog programme about Bait & Switch carpet cleaners.
If you did not see this then go to Forward to minutes 12, 34 & 48.

It represents all that is terrible about some aspects of the carpet cleaning industry. Bait & Switch is also illegal, so any company using this method is breaking the law!

I have given out so much information in the past about this sort of thing and I am really pleased it has now been recognised on national TV for what it really is... a BIG Rip-Off.

It basically works by a company offering a really low price on a leaflet, (£8.99 per room etc), then once the 'cleaner' (salesperson), comes to clean your carpets, all they want to do is upsell a better (and much more expensive) cleaning method. If you don't go for this upsell then they will keep slightly lowering the price until you agree. If you still insist on only paying the price that was advertised then they only wet the carpet and get out of your house as quickly as they can.

This can be really bad for some carpets and as they admitted, can make some carpets look worse!! As i have always said, "the most expensive carpet cleaning is bad carpet cleaning". The price may seem cheap upfront, but the cost of this type of cleaning can be huge... to the potential damage to your carpet, to your time being wasted, and probably having to book another professional carpet cleaner to come back and fix problems and clean it correctly.

So i highly recommend you go to the link above and see for yourself how this works.

See you soon.